Self-Care from the Inside Out

"The stress of COVID-19 coronavirus has been weighing me down.  The long distance healing session you did for me last week was very beneficial.  Thank you!  It helped me feel energetically protected and grounded.  The affirmation with repeated movement helped to anchor my feeling of safety.  'Even though I am fearful of what the future could hold, I know that I am safe, and my future is bright.' I have come back to that statement when my emotions start to roll.  The brain can only think one thing at a time, so this statement holds power for me to stay focused and positive.  I appreciate your gifts and am grateful to have been able to receive this session over the phone: the safest social distance that exists! LOL!  Many blessings to you as you shine your light and help others shine theirs.  Thank you, Cheryl, Thank you."  T.E., Florida