Self-Care from the Inside Out

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you name your services “Designed By You Healing Arts, LLC”?

I offer custom-designed energy healing sessions.  We are all born with an innate wisdom that knows exactly what we need at any point in time.  In other words, your body has answers!  Through the use of a simple neuromuscular feedback technique (muscle testing), we are able to access this information and use it to design healing sessions tailored to each individual.   

What is energy healing

According to a philosophy of healing developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt in the 1980s, (, our whole being consists of much more than just our physical body.  Four additional bodies surround the one we know.  Energetic blockages can occur in any of these energy bodies and cause “dis-ease” as we know it.  Energy healing, a branch of holistic health, is used to break up these blockages in energy (life force) so that the body and mind can function optimally. It is gentle, non-invasive, and complementary to traditional medical care.

What is BodyTalk?

    BodyTalk (  is an energy healing modality based on the understanding that when the various parts of the body can communicate with each other, energetic blockages can be resolved, and the body and mind can operate optimally.  By using a combination of neuromuscular feedback to determine which parts of the body are a priority with gentle tapping, these areas can be identified, communication re-established and the quality of life greatly improved.

    What is BodyIntuitive X?

    BodyIntuitive X ( is a form of mind-body medicine grounded in 21st century scientific information (epigenetics and microbiome science) AND classical Chinese medicine.  

    What is epigenetics?

    Epigenetics is the study of how adverse lifestyle factors (our own and those of our biological ancestors) can place “locks” on our DNA causing chronic “dis-ease.” Research has now determined 90% of health issues have an epigenetic component.

    What is microbiome science?

    Findings from the Human Microbiome Project (2015) revealed the healthy human body to actually consist of human cells living harmoniously with bacteria and additional microorganisms.  These combined are known as the human microbiome.  This research actually determined that most of these microbes are necessary for our health, including our immune and digestive systems as well as our brains.

    What is SourcePoint® Therapy?

    SourcePoint®Therapy  ( works with points in the human energy field that connect the physical body to the universal blueprint of health.  So, by making this connection, energetic blockages are removed, and the body and mind can operate optimally.  One reason why this technique is so valuable is that it, too, can access blockages at the epigenetic level.

    How are sessions provided at a distance?  

    Many people are surprised this work can be done at a distance!   Even though there is no scientific proof of how this can be possible, if we think of our bodies as receivers of information (like your radio or cell phone), we can begin to understand how this can happen. 

    These sessions are used when it is physically impossible for the client to experience the sessions in person.  This could be due to distance, time constraints, illness or just personal preference.  Distance sessions are structured identically to those done in person but instead of meeting in person, we talk by Zoom or phone when you are in a quiet space at home and can be open to the experience.