Self-Care from the Inside Out

As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk Access Technician and Reiki Master working with people affected by the Coronavirus, three of the most common issues my clients are dealing with include stress, emotional regulation and immune system issues.  (In fact, scientific evidence has shown these are all related!)  I am offering 2 types of distant energy healing sessions (offered via Zoom)  to support you in these areas as we navigate this time together.  These include:

1.  Group Stress Reduction Sessions   -  In addition to an energy healing session for the entire group, you will learn stress reduction techniques from modalities/practitioners including:  BodyTalk, BrainGym, Barbara Stone and Donna Eden   In order to provide as much personal service as possible, class size is limited to 10 participants.   Time:  45-60 minutes.  Cost:  $40 (referral discount $30) 

2. Individual BodyTalk/BodyIntuitive Sessions  - 10% discount  on individual energy healing sessions.  In addition to the health issues listed above, this session will also focus on any additional intentions chosen by the client and will be designed entirely by the wisdom within you!  Sessions are provided via phone or Zoom.  20% discount on a bundle of 3 90-minute sessions.